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French mustard

Bornier is a French producer of premium quality Dijon mustards.

As Bornier has been a traditional producer since 1816, it has become a major producer in Dijon, France.

Traditional manufacture takes place in the Dijon region in the small town of Couchey.

Product line

Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustards are very popular and frequently added to countless recipes. Bornier mustards are produced without the use of artificial preservatives and are carefully packed into glass jars which preserve their unaltered aroma and flavour.

It is being sold on 5 continents and since 2009 Bornier has been awarded gold medals in the United States in the prestigious World-wide Mustard Competition.

Our offer includes Dijon mustard made out of the traditional French recipe. Coarse-mustard is a great choice for lovers of a slightly pungent base with crispy seeds. And for those who prefer sweeter ones, we have a honey mustard flavor.


Bornier Dijon, with honey, Delicatessen, Provencal: mustard seeds, potassium bisulphate
Bornier Wholegrain: mustard seed husks, mustard seeds, potassium bisulphate