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Finally coffee
Big Shock! Coffee

Delicious flavour, real coffee with an emphasis on the quality of all the ingredients – and in three varieties.

Our mission is to provide people energy with a quality product whenever they’re getting ready to do something they enjoy to the fullest. As an innovative brand, BIG SHOCK! “finally” introduces real coffee to the market.. BIG SHOCK! COFFEE is a great choice when you’re in the mood for iced coffee.

Product line


A new product line introduced by Big Shock! Coffee in 2021 offers iced coffee with a delicious flavour and an emphasis on quality ingredients. Select coffee from a blend of arabica and robusta beans with real milk (not powdered).

3 delicious flavours

Espresso Milk
Iced coffee made from a blend of arabica and robusta beans with real milk.

Vanilla Latte
The combination of real milk with strong espresso and vanilla flavouring.

Irish Coffee
A tempting combination of coffee, real milk and with the whisky flavour.

Big Shock! Coffee is available in 250 ml cans.


Products Big Shock! Coffee contains milk


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